Supporting businesses across Lancashire with sustainable office furnishing solutions, office furniture refurbishment, office clearance and recycling services.

Office Furnishing Solutions

We have been supporting large and small businesses across Lancashire for over 30 years by providing quality new and affordable upcycled office furniture solutions. Whether you are looking for the very latest new sustainable office furniture or you are looking for upcycled and used office furniture then you’ve come to the right place.

Office Fit Out

Refurbish Your Office Furniture

Upcycling office furniture is now part of a wider business philosophy; that of creating a more ‘circular economy’ within the corporate office furniture sector. If you would like to discuss upcycling your existing furniture please feel free to get in touch to discuss in more detail on how you can not only save money but you can also do your bit on saving the planet!

Refurbished Office Furniture

Office Clearance Service

All unwanted office furniture we clear is taken to our upcycling facility, rather than recycling for precious materials or dumping your unwanted office furniture on the landfill, It is our mission instead to upcycle your surplus to requirement office furniture and support smaller businesses, local schools and colleges with affordable upcycled office furniture.

Office Clearance

The Importance Of Reuse

In this video we discuss the importance of reuse within the commercial office furniture sector. We are investing heavily in upcycling office furniture on a commercial scale and with this we want to share and educate organisations on how to get involved.

Most quality office furniture is now manufactured in a way where over 98% of the materials are recyclable but we are one step ahead as we believe 100% of quality manufactured office furniture is reusable and this is possible due to our facility here in Forton, Lancashire UK.

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We have many workspace services to offer at TCG.

Workspace Design & Specification

Our in-house team of designers provides comprehensive furniture design services with a project management approach. We utilise advanced computer aided design systems that enable us to complete project of any size and scope and create error-free specifications and order entry information.

Project Management

We have found the key to a successful project is taking a proactive approach. Depending on the size of the project, our experienced account executives or a dedicated project manager will oversee every aspect of the project. Our objective is to work together with you to ensure that we clearly understand your requirements and that we exceed your expectations.

Corporate Relocations

Reconfiguring or moving workstations, work tools, and personal belongings can be a time consuming and difficult task. Our project managers can plan and execute your move to ensure that your employees get back to work on schedule. We service all makes and models of office furniture – whether or not you originally purchased it from us. Our philosophy is that you should worry about the business of your business…not about your workplace.

Delivery & Installation

The Coggin Group has a full-time staff of service team members, a fleet of vehicles, and substantial warehousing facilities.  Our Customer Service team will work with you before, during and, after installation occurs to make sure that you are satisfied.

Brokerage Buyback & Liquidation

Do you have to remove or liquidate still useful surplus furniture? Your options are few.  You can spend a lot of time managing a charitable donation, store the furniture and pay monthly fees, attempt to sell your furniture locally, or take it to a landfill.  Want a better solution?  Let us save you money and be environmentally responsible by re-deploying or liquidating your furniture.

Storage & Asset Management

If you have collected surplus furniture due to reconfigurations, acquisitions, or downsizing that you want to keep for the future, let us store and manage your assets for you. We have several warehouses to keep your assets safe, secure, and ready to be re-deployed and put to work for your business. Our staff will provide you with detailed monthly reports so that you have the information you need to make decisions.

Rental and Leasing

We work with a variety of different leasing agencies to bring to you the best terms possible on your furniture solutions. Our partners provide financing options that allow you to combine multiple manufacturers into a single package, and these packages can be used on new, used or remanufactured furniture items.

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