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ECOCUBE™ by The Coggin Group


The birth of ECOCUBE™. In January 2018 Founder & Designer Sam Coggin started working on a concept that would utilise waste MFC panel products in particular waste MFC collected from the landfill. As of right now, ECOCUBE™ is manufactured from recycled MFC, recycled foam and recycled/eco-friendly fabric. We are continuing our efforts in sourcing even more recycled and sustainable materials to utilise throughout the ECOCUBE™ manufacturing process.

Right from the start, we wanted ECOCUBE™ to look good and be aesthetically pleasing on the eye for the concept to really work and make an impact in an already saturated market.

  • ECOCUBE™ is designed to fit within agile and modern-day creative workspaces.
  • ECOCUBE™ works well in both open-plan office spaces and collaborative work-zones.

We realise workspaces are changing and we like to think ECOCUBE™ plays a vital part in bringing fun and practicality to these exciting new working environments!


ECOCUBE™ is made from recycled melamine chipboard (MFC) and other recycled and sustainable materials. Over 80% of the materials that go into making ECOCUBE™ are recycled and eco-friendly.
ECOCUBE™ Product Material Spilt
  • 100% Recycled MFC (otherwise know as chipboard)
  • 100% Reconstituted Foam (made from foam off-cuts)
  • 100% Rivet Fabric Made from 100% REPREVE®, a brand of recycled polyester made from used plastic bottles.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable fabric range: (Hemp 60% Virgin Wool, 40% True Hemp) (Blazer 100% Virgin Wool)  (Synergy 95% Virgin Wool, 5% Polyamide)
  • LDPE Certified Recyclable plastic packing bags
  • FSC Mix packaging from responsible sources. (Shipping container)


If you would like to find out more about ECOCUBE™ feel free to get in touch with a member of the team today! Contact Us