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Brand Your Furniture

Brand Your Furniture


Stand out from the rest and introduce your brand colours into your office furniture! We have supplied many creative organisations with branded office furniture in an effort to get away from the typical commercial workspace decor.

You might assume this service would come at large expense but that’s where we are ahead of the curve as we can supply repurposed quality office furniture which we source from large multi-national businesses all over the county via our ethical clearance services as well new commercial office furniture!

Do you already have an office full of quality office furniture? More than likely this would have come at a large expense and more often than not has plenty of life left in it but like in most cases looks dated and boring when you compare your office decor to workspaces such as the iconic Google and Facebook headquarters…

Well unlike these large organisations you don’t need a huge budget to create this style of workspace as we offer the latest trendy colour-ways for reupholstering items such as seating, screen dividers and office pods. Equally, we can resize your workstations and even customise the edging/trim to any colour of your choice to get you one step closer to your own personalised workspace using repurposed and new office furniture!

Agile workspaces are a hot topic right now and employees are showing to be more productive than ever before! By simply reshaping your workspace layout from the start can really assist in the end results of furnishing your workspace with creative yet practical furniture. Other things to think about adding to your rebranded office would be – lighting, wall paint, carpet tiles, window blinds, wall/glass partitions just these additions alone can make or break a workspace! We work closely with electrical contractors, decorators, carpet fitters, window blind fitters, joiners, and plumbers to allow our clients to get everything covered under one roof this allows us to give our clients a full turnkey approach when undergoing an office refurbishment. You can visit our design studio to really get a real understanding of what is available to create these trendy productive workspaces.

Rebranding Your Furniture


Housing over one thousand workstations at any one point ready to be repurposed for our next creative project allows us to keep up with demand and fast turn around times. We also stock recycled storage units, desk dividers and many more items at our refurbishment facility here in Lancashire. We have our own in-house consultants to assist you along the way to deliver you with better than expected results throughout your furniture rebrand journey. See below some of our popular rebranded office fit outs.

Rebranding Your Seating


We have a keen passion for repurposing quality commercial grade seating. On average we can reupholster anything from 25 to 50 chairs every week and sometimes lots more depending on the size of the project. We work closely with facility managers and private users to keep workplaces up to date and more importantly safe as all our reupholstered chairs are inspected and faults identified before put back in use again. Take a look at some of our popular repurposed chairs below.