One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

It’s no secret that job roles requiring an office space of some sort are one of the most sought after roles in the working industry. All of the best business people have most likely made important decisions in their office chair, so we feel that the furniture in your office should not only benefit you, but the environment too.

With the climate and environment being in particular despair in the recent years, it’s a ‘now or never’ moment for us to do our bit as individuals to help the environment by simply reusing things that can be re-used. This includes our office furniture.

Why do we recycle?

Recycling anything and everything is a sure fire way to help the environment one item at a time, but recycling much larger things such as furniture is a brilliant thing. Because when we throw away furniture, it sits in a tip and then will go to a landfill, and because a lot of furniture is not biodegradable, it will just sit there.

Recycling of old furniture saves lots of energy as they do not require any processing. It saves natural resources and reduces the level of harmful substances that are released into air; consequently, breathed in by us and our families. Green furniture is also much more durable and easily recyclable. Recycling of furniture provides benefits to us and society as a whole. It saves us money, time, resources and also can be a fun project.

Is there a limit to what I can recycle?

We offer lots of different furniture items that you can recycle, including office chairs, airport seating, desktop screens, desks and reception seating to name a few. You can reupholster your old office furniture or purchase recycled office furniture from us that we stock in our warehouse. This not only saves space in tips or landfills, but it gives someone else a chance to use the item. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

How does the process work?

We can usually reupholster furniture in 2-3 days from receipt of the furniture depending on quantities. We will gather information in your initial appointment for your requirements, including fabric, colours and other measurements needed, then we’ll do the hard work while you relax. If you are unable to drop off the furniture to us, we are happy to pick it up and drop it off when the job is done. We really do make recycling easy! With over 30 years’ experience in recycling and reupholstering, we definitely know what we’re doing and what we’re talking about when it comes to furniture. And with your safety in mind, every item is checked thoroughly against our safety standards to make sure there are no issues. So you can put your mind at rest knowing your office looks great, and your employees are safe, happy and comfortable.

Could you clear my office for me?

Yes of course we can! We offer full office clearance services with competitive rates, and no job is too big for us here at Coggin Group.

We will start with an initial consultation to gather information on the size of the office, the amount of furniture needed removing, then we’ll get stuck in. We will remove every item from the office that you wish, and any furniture you don’t want, we will repurpose where possible. Any furniture you do want that may need a little TLC, we’ve got it sorted. We will reupholster these. And what’s more, any furniture you do not want, we will carry out a valuation on the unwanted furniture and discount the amount from your final office clearance quotation. What more could you want?!

What other services do you offer?

Offices can be very noisy but productive places of work. They are often filled with printers, computers, and lots of phone calls. But sometimes they can be a little less productive looking. Sometimes they have very artificial lighting, and dull colours. You don’t usually associate colours with productivity, but it’s true. Simply rebranding your office can increase the work rate and boost staff morale! Adding colour can make your office classy, appealing and comfortable for not only employees, but clients too. You’ll be surprised at what a pop of colour can do for your office and the overall mood. You could potentially even match the colours of the furniture to your company’s brand colour if you have one, the opportunities are endless. Check out our website for more information, or pop us a call to start your quote and reinvent your office today!