Office Furniture Upcycling

Refresh Your Existing Office Furniture

Don’t throw away your quality office furniture, let us refresh it for you! Good quality office furniture is made to last and can be easily upcycled.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Choosing to upcycle your existing office furniture can have a huge impact on reducing your carbon footprint.

Great For Small Businesses

For those just getting started, purchasing upcycled office furniture is a great way not only to save money but you also get top quality products that will last.

Huge Savings On Quality Brands

All the upcycled products we resell are originally made by leading manufacturers such as Senator, Humanscale, Orangebox and other well known brands.

Is It Really Worth Upcycling Your Office Furniture?

We as a nation are becoming more socially aware of the importance of reuse but there is still a stigma around the thought of purchasing upcycled office furniture. At TCG we are setting our own standards in the way used office furniture in redistributed. We have an 80,000sq/ft facility dedicated with specialists upcycling quality office furniture for the likes of the NHS, Sky, Equifax and other socially responsible organisations. Going one step further we have created the brand TCG Sustain© which is all about the importance of reuse within commercial workspaces. 

Utilise Existing Assets...

Do you already have an office full of quality office furniture? More than likely this would have come at a large expense and more often than not has plenty of life left in it but, like in most cases looks dated and boring when you compare your office decor to current workspaces. We offer the latest trendy colour-ways for reupholstering items such as seating, screen dividers and office pods.

Get Creative...

Stand out from the rest and introduce your brand colours into our upcycled products or your own furniture. We have supplied many creative organisations with branded office furniture in an effort to get away from the typical commercial workspace decor. You might assume this service would come at a large expense but when taking advantage of either your existing or our upcycled stock this becomes a lot more affordable.

Affordable Furnishing...

Upcycled business furniture is a great way to stay within a limited budget, and still buy quality that endures. We have a huge inventory of as-is products that we have approved for resale that are both functionally and aesthetically in better than used condition. You can choose to have one of our area managers come to visit your workplace or you can purchase our upcycled office furniture online here TCG Direct. We also have a display of upcycled office furniture at our facility with hundreds of products to browse.

What Does Upcycled Office Look Like & How Does It Work?

When it comes to refreshing your existing office furniture or purchasing upcycled office furniture the processes are the same. For example, if you already have an office full of quality office seating and it’s looking a little tired we can not only reupholster these chairs for you we also add a 12-month warranty for added value. Equally, if you are in the market of purchasing some additional office seating you can choose from our huge range of pre-upcycled products and reupholster them in a finish of your choice.

Second Hand Office Furniture

Upcycled Office Seating

When it comes to upcycling office seating you can choose from our vast range of pre-upcycled products that we have in stock by viewing it online via TCG Direct or you can use our Reupholstery Services to refresh your existing seating by picking a colour of your choice by browsing our vast range of fabrics available. With 2-3 day turnaround times and loan seating provided this is a great affordable and efficient way to upcycle your additional or existing seating!

Upcycled Office Workstations

We have a vast range of pre-upcycled workstations in stock in a mix of decors. All of our workstations can be resized for purpose be sure to request a quote. With over 1000 workstations kept in stock at any one point, you’ll be spoilt for choice! On the other hand, if you require adjustments to your existing workstations we can provide workstation resizing, worktop replacement and metalwork respraying.

Second Hand Office Furniture

Upcycled Office Storage

We have a great range of pre-upcycled storage units to choose from including open fronted bookcases to low-level tambour units in a mix of decors. Often we get asked to resize these units to fit our customer requirements. If you have existing storage units you would like to resize or resurface then be sure to get in touch as new storage units are not cheap!

Still Undecided? Let Us Introduce Ourselves In Person!

Our approach is a little different, we are all about service and continuity. Going above and beyond is what our family business stands for and you only get a real understanding of this when you meet us in person to experience The Coggin Group approach.