Office Clearance

Nationwide Coverage

No matter where you are located in the UK we can arrange our ethical disposal services for your business. To make this feasible we only generally take on projects no smaller than one 40ft artic trailer.

Waste Furniture Rebate

Your typical removal business will generally come with huge commercial costs. All the furniture we dispose of (if in good enough condition) means you will get an automatic 20% off your clearance cost putting us ahead of any competition in this sector.

Say NO To Landfill

All the furniture we dispose of goes through our upcycling facility where specialists continually work on bringing your unwanted office furniture back to life. If we can’t upcycle your old furniture we then resort to recycling meaning no waste ends up in the landfill.

Be sure to check out our ethical disposal impact calculator at the bottom of this page.

Professional & Efficient

Clearing offices across the country is where it all started for us. We are very efficient and courteous when it comes to clearing office furniture. All of our clearance projects come with a project manager to oversee the disposal transition making sure everything goes smoothly.

Ethical Disposal And What Does It Really Mean?

We all have a responsibility to ensure waste is taken care of properly. Our main feature is the ability to upcycled all the office furniture we dispose of via our own upcycling facility here in Lancashire. Unfortunately, upcycling is a last resort to most organisations but if looked into properly not only will you boost your own corporate social responsibility, you will also be supporting small businesses across Lancashire with quality upcycled office furniture. Our main priority is to upcycle your waste then recycle it not the other way round, this is what ethical disposal should really mean.

Your Waste Office Furniture Is Upcycled...

All unwanted office furniture we clear is taken to our upcycling facility, rather than recycling for precious materials or dumping your unwanted office furniture on the landfill, It is our mission instead to upcycle your surplus to requirement office furniture and support smaller businesses, local schools and colleges with affordable upcycled office furniture.

We Say No To Landfill...

When it comes to clearing unwanted office furniture over thinking the disposal process and where old furniture is going to end up can become a bit of a hassle. Our ethical disposal process allows us to take all your surplus furniture whole! No need for skips for the furniture to go in and wasted trips to the landfill!

Ethical Disposal Is More Affordable...

Extra items take up space and money, and it’s not an easy problem to solve. Businesses can suddenly find themselves stuck with unwanted inventory. Storing in warehouses is very costly, and hiding items away in a back room is an inefficient use of space. Depending on the condition of the surplus office furniture we will offer 20% off the total value of the ethical disposal costs to clear your unwanted office furniture.

Our Capabilities And Why You Should Choose Us

Competition in this sector is fierce but we believe we stand alone. For years we have been the number one choice for multinational organisations and it’s no secret why… We make a profit from the waste furniture that we clear from your office which in turn makes the cost in clearing your office space far less. Not only that we are known for our speedy clearance process and efficient project management. Operating from an 80,000sq/ft facility allows us to stock a huge amount of pre-upcycled office furniture that is then redistributed across Lancashire to small businesses and other resellers.

Readily Available Large Transport

Decades-old relationships with large transport businesses allow us to provide the best prices and most importantly we have readily available large transport for those projects needing completing quicker than usual. Whether it’s one 40ft trailer you require or one hundred we have you covered.

Efficient Storing Of Waste Office Furniture

Warehousing dedicated to storing large amounts off pre-upcycled office furniture. As we continue to take on more and more clearance projects it is a priority we keep enough space available to allow for more waste furniture to come into our inventory rather than ending up in a landfill.

All Waste Furniture Is Given A Second Chance

Reuse is at the heart of everything we stand for here at The Coggin Group. We continue working on educating organisations across the UK on the importance of reuse within the business office furniture market. If your organisation is looking for a better way to dispose of quality office furniture you have found the right place.

Still Undecided? Let Us Introduce Ourselves In Person!

Our approach is a little different, we are all about service and continuity. Going above and beyond is what our family business stands for and you only get a real understanding of this when you meet us in person to experience The Coggin Group approach.