NHS Digital – Leeds Ethical Disposal Project

NHS Digital – Ethical disposal of surplus office furniture. Provided by The Coggin Group in collaboration with JX3 Support Services.

Over 90% of the office furniture we cleared for NHS Digital was upcycled and redistributed and only 10% was recycled.

We were tasked with clearing NHS Digital’s surplus office furniture. Our main objective was not only to make this a cost effective exercise but also ethical, meaning all the office furniture removed was repurposed rather than taken to the landfill.

NHS Digital’s priority was to make sure all the furniture is repurposed and recycled. Having our own upcycling facility made the process of making sure this unwanted office furniture was going to be properly redistributed filled our client with confidence that this would be taken care of ethically and professionally.


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All the office furniture we cleared from NHS Digital was taken back to our upcycling facility to then undergo refurbishment. We then start redistributing the now upcycled office furniture to a network of small businesses and resellers across the UK which intern supports those businesses with affordable quality upcycled office furniture.

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By choosing to ethically dispose this unwanted office furniture NHS Digital are reducing their overall carbon footprint and making a huge impact on the environment. NHS Digital understand upcycling unwanted office furniture is also far better than traditional recycling as upcycling does not require having to break the products down for precious materials.

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The savings are huge! NHS Digital are aware we value unwanted office furniture and this means we are able to offset the cost of the overall clearance through quality unwanted office furniture which means they saved more than 50% in costs when compared to traditional clearance businesses.

Project scope...

Our main objective was to make sure all the surplus furniture was diverted from landfill. The Coggin Group’s upcycling and refurbishment methods allowed to make sure the furniture cleared was going to be repurposed and put back on the market with the support of our TCG Sustain brand for startups and SME’s to utilise throughout Lancashire, England.

Before we started the disposal process we firstly visited the premises to audit the office furniture that needed to be ethically disposed of and report how much could be repurposed and recycled. NHS Digital purchase high quality office furniture which is made to endure the busiest of workspaces so this meant due to the hight quality over 90% of the furniture could be upcycled and redistributed with only under 10% having to be recycled.

All surplus office furniture is taken to our 80,000sqft upcycling facility here in Forton, Lancashire. We have a specialist team of woodworkers, reupholsters and furniture rebuild assistant’s that carry out the refurbishment of all the surplus furniture to be redistributed to startup and small businesses across Lancashire and the rest UK.

Our client network is built up of hundreds of small businesses and a handful of resellers across the UK that makes this process feasible and more importantly sustainable.

Choosing to repurpose surplus office furniture is a far better method than traditional method’s involving separating precious materials or worse resulting in taking the office furniture whole to the landfill.

NHS Digital has not only saved money choosing this process but has help support a network of smaller businesses around Lancashire with affordable repurposed office furniture and have also made a huge positive impact on the environment by reducing their carbon footprint on this process alone by 5,200 tonnes of C02!

Watch our explainer video to find out more about the importance of reuse.

By choosing to ethically dispose of their unwanted office furniture NHS Digital have not only saved money but they have supported over 100 other local smaller businesses with quality reusable office furniture that would have otherwise not been available without issue and they have also prevented the unwanted office furniture from being taken to the landfill by choosing us to work with them on this project. NHS Digital Total Cost Savings – Between £2,000 – £5,000

Impact Calculations…

Here are the approx. calculations on how this surplus office furniture will impact small businesses and the environment.

Small Businesses Supported – 100+ Businesses (figure based on 2 units per startup business)

Small Business Savings – £17,000 (figure based on original new RRP price for like for like products)

C02 Footprint Reduction – 5,200kg + (figure based on the reuse of the unwanted office furniture only. The actual total C02 reduction on this whole process will be far higher but we can’t provide theses figures until more research is completed)


We believe the spotlight should be aimed at those who are making a real difference and proving it by taking action. This certificate of recognition is a way to prove that NHS Digital took action and made a positive impact not only on the environment but for other smaller businesses across the UK.

There are lots of changes happening across organisations worldwide. It has never been so important to revisit your procurement and disposal process. We are here to provide sustainable new and refurbished office furniture that can be maintained and then redistributed once no longer needed. If your current provider isn’t providing you with these solutions we urge you to ask them why not…


Director - John Middleton
JX3 Support Services

We was able to collaborate with Sam and the team at The Coggin Group and provide NHS Digital in Leeds with their ethical disposal services for the surplus office furniture they had been storing for some time. The clearance was handled professionally and there was an impact report produced to show the positive impact made by choosing The Coggin Group. It’s a great feeling to know this furniture that this office furniture won’t be taken to landfill and instead will be refurbished and redistributed to smaller businesses across Lancashire.

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