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Ethical Disposal

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Ethical Disposal

The team at The Coggin Group are professional, quick and keen to take away your furniture and bring it back to its former glory for yourself or others to enjoy. We operate throughout the North West with larger projects accepted across the UK. Ethically disposing of your unwanted office furniture will save you money and you will also be supporting small businesses across Lancashire.

All unwanted office furniture we clear is taken to our upcycling facility, rather than recycling for precious materials or dumping your unwanted office furniture on the landfill, It is our mission instead to upcycle your surplus to requirement office furniture and support smaller businesses, local schools and colleges with affordable upcycled office furniture.

When it comes to clearing unwanted office furniture over thinking the disposal process and where old furniture is going to end up can become a bit of a hassle. Our ethical disposal process allows us to take all your surplus furniture whole! No need for skips for the furniture to go in and wasted trips to the landfill!

Extra items take up space and money, and it’s not an easy problem to solve. Businesses can suddenly find themselves stuck with unwanted inventory. Storing in warehouses is very costly, and hiding items away in a back room is an inefficient use of space. Depending on the condition of the surplus office furniture we will offer 20% off the total value of the ethical disposal costs to clear your unwanted office furniture. Not only are we a preferred choice over traditional removal companies coming in on average 30/50% more affordable and then an added 20% off makes our ethical disposal services a go-to for larger businesses.

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Ethical Disposal Impact Calculator

This calculator works out the savings you will receive if you choose to ethically dispose of your unwanted office furniture. Not only will you save money, but you will also support small businesses across Lancashire and reduce your C02 emissions at the same time!


input the number of chairs you would like to ethically dispose of below…

“the average weight per unit is 20kg”


input the number of desks you would like to ethically dispose of below…

“the average weight per unit is 50kg”

Storage Units

input the number of storage units you would like to ethically dispose of below…

“the average weight per unit is 80kg”

Your impact:


Small Businesses Supported


CO2 Reduction


Money Savings