ECOCUBE™ was created not only to help save our environment but was created to bring workspaces closer together. Collaboration within digital and creative organisations is very important and modular soft-seating is something not to be overlooked! ECOCUBE™ brings fun and practicality to these environments and what better way to boost employee productivity by making work FUN!

Recycled Desk Tops

ECOCUBE is made from recycled desk tops that otherwise could not be reused for it’s original purpose. This means rather than having to completely destroy the old worktop small durable sections of the worktop can be resized and reused to create the cube shape structure for ECOCUBE.

Units Sold

We have independently distributed over 100+ ECOCUBE‘s across the UK since the idea came to light in 2017. We are noticing more interest within the commercial furnishing industry for sustainable products and we think our ECOCUBE is a perfect ethical solution for collaborative meeting areas.


Rivet is a fixating fabric which not only connects with the modern collaborative workplace, but also forms a bridge between textile traditions and future innovation. Designed to blend the aesthetic qualities of luxury woollen apparel with modern performance sportswear, Rivet is a lightly textured hopsack which emulates the swathe of suiting in a well-heeled synthetic. Made from 100% REPREVE®, a brand of recycled polyester made from used plastic bottles, Rivet celebrates Camira’s 20 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing recycled fabrics.

HEIGHT | 490MM         WIDTH | 410MM        DEPTH | 410MM        WEIGHT: 16KG


Hemp uses two of nature’s cleverest renewable fibres to create upholstery fabrics of natural beauty. Wool and hemp have been blended together to create a range with soft handle and inherent flame retardancy in a beautiful array of colourways. Hemp is certified to the EU Ecolabel and has an exceptional eco story.

HEIGHT | 490MM         WIDTH | 410MM        DEPTH | 410MM        WEIGHT: 16KG


Blazer is a classic pure new wool upholstery fabric with a billiard cloth felted finish. It is made from premium New Zealand lambswool, where responsible farming provides the highest quality raw material which is soft, clean and bright, which is ideal for spinning, weaving and dyeing. The colour palette is an exciting mix of solids and mélanges across the full colour spectrum, creating a versatile fabric suitable for wide-ranging furniture applications.

HEIGHT | 490MM         WIDTH | 410MM        DEPTH | 410MM        WEIGHT: 16KG


Where the total is more than the sum of the parts. Say hello to Synergy, a soft handle wool blend fabric, featuring exquisite fibre dyed shades and sumptuous piece dyed solids. It all comes together to provide our largest colour offering of 75 intelligent shades. We have partnered with Just A Drop, the international water aid charity, and for every metre of fabric we sell, we will make a donation to a specific project around the world, helping to provide clean and safe water to those in need.

HEIGHT | 490MM         WIDTH | 410MM        DEPTH | 410MM        WEIGHT: 16KG

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